Ear, Nose and Throat complaints: Sometimes what’s wrong is something that medicine won’t cure.

A Healthier Wei is a simple yet effective approach to treating your child’s Ear, Nose and Throat symptoms through elimination of excess dairy AND sugar from your child’s diet, along with minimizing eating and drinking within 2 hours of bedtime. Dr. Wei has observed how this approach has been able to “cure” excessive runny nose, chronic cough, recurrent croup, and many other ENT problems without use of ANY medication or surgery. If your child seems “sick” all the time, has been to many doctors, or has taken many medications without improvement, A Healthier Wei can reclaim his/her health.

Initially I was skeptical. I cut out all of the “liquid candy,” yogurt, mozzarella cheese sticks, and bedtime milk for my two-year old. I AM AMAZED!! He doesn’t have a runny nose or a wet cough. He’s sleeping soundly through the night and doesn’t choke on the mucus… No more MCD for my boy!!
Rachel Redmon
Our daughter was congested all the time. We thought that her symptoms were caused by sinus infections! We followed Dr. Wei’s recommendation of consuming less dairy products 1-2hrs before bedtime. This change decreased her loud snoring and congestion tremendously throughout the night and she has much less mucus.
Luis Escobar
“Dr. Wei is truly amazing and cares so much about my child. On the day of his surgery, she spent a lot of time talking with us and even hugged me which made me feel like we’re her favorite patients in the world. I don’t know what we would have done without her.”
Katie Ogle
“Our daughter is a completely different child today, thanks to Dr. Wei. After shuch a long and difficult time not knowing what was wrong with her, I watch her now and think it’s nothing short of a miracle that we’ve got our healthy, happy kid back.”
Glenna Beckley
‘It’s almost a miracle how simple it was. It’s been amazing.
Lynn Crist
… this has transformed her life. As our whole family says, Dr. Wei ROCKS.
A patient’s Mother on how A Healthier Wei eliminated a barking cough, and the need for heavy steroids and other medication.
…he’s off all the meds he’s been taking in one form or another for years. Even the facial tick we were worried about is gone. … changing his eating habits have been very good for our son, and for our whole family as well.
Todd, Father Henri
After seeing many doctors who couldn’t help us, we learned to keep seeking answers. That’s how we finally found Dr. Wei, and that’s how we finally got our son well.
Mother of patient Aidan
Within four weeks, we could see a big difference. Since implementing these very simple changes, Ally has not had a single cough attack. This is nothing short of miraculous to us because up to this point she had been episodic on almost a monthly basis. We’d been dealing with this practically her whole life, so we are just amazed by how different life with our daughter is now.
Krista, Mother of Ally
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this might not work for everyone. But it has worked not only for our son but for us as adults as well.

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