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Overview of A Healthier Wei

An increasing number of children are suffering from Ear, Nose and Throat complaints each year, and many of them are put on medication, or referred for painful and intrusive surgery. ENT Specialist, Dr. Julie Wei, believes there is a better way – a healthier way – to cure these common complaints. In her experience treating 4600+ children each year, she has come to believe that simple and easy changes to diet and lifestyle can eliminate the need for medicine and surgery altogether.

Newsworthy Stories

  • “Milk and Cookie Disease”: What causes it, and what can be done about it.
  • Secrets from the East – Incoporating Eastern wisdom from the Asian diet into the American diet can mean big improvements in our children’s health.
  • Setting an Example for Our Kids: Parents as eating role models for children
  • The importance of WHEN you eat, not just WHAT you eat.
  • Acid Reflux – A New Problem for Children: How acid reflux used to be a problem only in adults, but is an increasing issue for children now too.
  • A new epidemic: The overmedication of children and overuse of antibiotics

Areas of Expertise

  • Ear, Nose & Throat complaints and complications
  • Pediatric Otolaryngology
  • Pediatric diet and lifestyle changes
  • Combining traditional and integrative medical practices
  • Career advancement for women in medicine and science
  • Managing career burnout for women in medicine

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