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Happy New Year! A Healthier Wei for 2015

How many times have you thought about “New Year’s Resolutions” every December after a wonderful season of indulgence, great parties, celebrations of love with family and friends? I know I have the same conversation with myself year after year. Actually, […]

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Teenagers and Poor Eating Habits!

Over the years, while I have focused on how the Milk and Cookie Disease cause preschoolers to have chronic snotty noses, congestion, snoring, and symptoms pretty much identical to when they have a real cold, I have also learned a […]

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Acts of Love -Part 2

We just returned from Chicago and a wonderful few days of catching up with Dave’s family. We stayed at Brookdale Senior Living Center so that we can hang out with Claire’s Great Grandmother Tilly. Playing a mean game of BINGO […]

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Taiwanese Expression of Parental Love – Through Food, Cooking, and Planting of Fruit Trees….

Last week was awesome, not just because I took vacation but because my sister Nancy and my parents both came from California to spend the week with us here in hot, humid, and rainy Orlando.  Nancy came from Oakland a […]

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Recurrent CROUP – The Answer May be in What Your Child is Drinking!

Since my arrival to Central Florida last June, I have seen many preschool and school aged children with recurrent “croup”. These are children who are usually otherwise completely healthy, but has “episodes” or attacks where they have trouble breathing, have […]

A Healthier Wei Now Available as eBook

I am happy to announce that the eBook version of “A Healthier Wei” is  now available on Amazon bookstore for  Kindle, the Nook bookstore, and the iBookstore for iOs and Mac ( I will update this post with link as […]

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Act of Love

I opened the door and walked into my office, and could not believe what I saw. Dave had somehow managed to set up a beautiful refrigerator, with a coffee/tea station on top, complete with mugs, coffee stirrers, tea/coffee, and stocked […]

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The “Milk and Cookie Disease”

Happy Thanksgiving! As many are staying warm with their loved ones in snowy and cold weather, we are blessed to enjoy a beautiful and sunny day in Orlando.  Last night, Dave and I attended my first NBA game at the […]

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Back to School Health – Part 3 – What’s for Lunch?

Now, what I think is the hardest part of making sure our children are healthy when they go back to school – their nutrition and their lunches! Before Claire started school at age 3, she was loved and well cared […]

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Back to School ENT Health – Part 2

Okay, counting down. Claire has meet and greet this Friday, and first day of school is Aug 15th !  I am always conflicted this time of the year, happy that she will start school and that we’ll get back into […]

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