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Top 4 Reasons Your Child Has a “Stuffy Nose”

Every day in clinic, I meet children whose parents tell me that they have chronic “stuffy nose”, most of them have already been on months of nasal steroid spray (like Flonase) and antihistamines (like zyrtec or claritin and generic equivalents) […]

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Top Reasons Your Child Should Try Nasal Irrigation

I spent this week in Vancouver, British Columbia attending our annual American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery meeting, where ENT specialists from the US and all over the globe come together to share their research results, clinical experience, as […]

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ALLERGIES: Does Your Child Have Allergies or Something Else?

It’s April 20th, yet here in Kansas City, there is forecast for possible snow next Tuesday. It certainly feels like Spring decided to take the year off and we are left to wait for summer. The trees and grass however, […]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Child Has Runny Nose All the Time

Are you constantly running after your child with KleenexTM ? Does your child seem to have a “cold” that never clears? Does your child have sore nostrils from constant wiping, shirt sleeves that you want to wash on “sanitary cycle”, […]

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Nasal Congestion

A stuffy nose, a chronic cough, or recurrent croup. These are but a few examples of common reasons why loving mothers and families bring their child to come see an ear, nose and throat specialist. Let’s just stay focused on […]