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Back to School ENT Health – Part 1

I can’t believe school will start in 3 weeks and summer is over! Claire can’t believe it either! As excited as we are for her to start her new school, we are definitely dreading that period of transitioning to a […]

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Does My Child Need His/Her Tonsils/Adenoid Out?

For over 10 years, parents and primary caretakers of children of all ages have come to see me to discuss whether their child needs to have his/her tonsil/adenoid removed. These families are either referred by their friends, neighbors, pediatricians, family […]

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When toddlers wake at night

As I always ask the parents and families of young children who come see me for chronic nasal congestion or runny nose details about their diet and dietary habits, I frequently uncover the truth about middle of the night feedings. […]

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