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Vitamin D – Natural is better than supplement

One of the headlines in the Daily Mail Health section reported that a study in Lancet showed women who took vitamin D supplements did not show increase in bone density.  This is surprising after women have been told for years […]

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Why Hot Lunch is Better Than Sandwiches!

Right before school started, I was beginning to lose sleep over what I would make Claire, now in second grade,  for lunch every day. The school she attends does not have a cafeteria and students are expected to bring their […]

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Back To School Night – What You Should Ask In Addition to Academics

  Happy Labor Day ! We are enjoying a great weekend as my parents are here visiting from Los Angeles, and my sister Nancy and her boyfriend Eddie are here from Oakland as well.  We have enjoyed many great meals, […]

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Ham & cheese or PB&J….again? by Nancy Wei, MPH, RD – Guest Blog

If you are in the same boat as many parents in the throes of back to school busyness, figuring out what to send for lunch with your child is just one of many things on your checklist. It can be […]

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Top 7 Choking Hazards (Food Items) In Children

Everyone who has spent any time around an infant, toddler, or preschool-aged child knows that the number one job two little hands have is to pick things up and put items in the mouth. The important events in a child’s […]

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Breakfast Muffins – Make the Weekday Mornings a Breeze…

I decided to make a variation of “A Healthier Wei” breakfast muffins today after being inspired by Nancy, who always calls me after she makes a new type of muffin using our basic recipe.  She made a “sweet potatoe pistachio” […]

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Today I am blessed with media coverage from Fox News Online-Health section,  A freelance writer summarized my philosophy, observations, and key points from my book “A Healthier Wei” in this succinct piece.  As I read the article for the […]

COUGH – The Nemesis for All Children

I feel rather embarrassed and incredibly frustrated to be a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist whose child, spouse, and dog are all currently having ENT issues!. Claire can’t seem to stop coughing the past 2 weeks, Dave has been […]

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Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of “Health”, the Other “H”: An Unalienable Right!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Orlando. I got up at ten after six and took a one-hour walk with the dog, gently embraced by the clear blue skies with a few rare pinkish clouds as the sun climbed lazily […]

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Getting Healthy is a Team Sport!

I am late in finishing this blog.  Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the men in our lives! Let me confess that I did not even get Dave a gift for Father’s Day. Two weeks into my new job and […]

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