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If Meat Would Defrost Itself….

I used to tell people that if meat would defrost itself, divorce rate would be half of what it is, since deep down I truly believe this is a major factor that adds stress into most family’s lives. If meat […]

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Teenagers and Poor Eating Habits!

Over the years, while I have focused on how the Milk and Cookie Disease cause preschoolers to have chronic snotty noses, congestion, snoring, and symptoms pretty much identical to when they have a real cold, I have also learned a […]

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Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes – It Might as Well be Cancer…

Since our move to Orlando last June, I have had to tell 5 families that their child has “cancer”. There is absolutely nothing worse than to tell parents that their child has a diagnosis of malignancy, regardless of what type, […]

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Julie’s Chicken Soup

Ingredients: 1 pkg boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut into 1 in chunks 4 carrots – peeled, diced 4 stalks of celery, washed and diced 1 large Vidalia onion – diced ¾ tsp dried oregano ¾ tsp dried basil 1 tbsp […]

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Acts of Love -Part 2

We just returned from Chicago and a wonderful few days of catching up with Dave’s family. We stayed at Brookdale Senior Living Center so that we can hang out with Claire’s Great Grandmother Tilly. Playing a mean game of BINGO […]

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Taiwanese Expression of Parental Love – Through Food, Cooking, and Planting of Fruit Trees….

Last week was awesome, not just because I took vacation but because my sister Nancy and my parents both came from California to spend the week with us here in hot, humid, and rainy Orlando.  Nancy came from Oakland a […]

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How Much Candy is Your Child Drinking? Part 2 [Infographic]

Designed by Lillian Woo. Order the Book Available on Available on Available on —– Dr. Julie Wei is a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist and the author of A Healthier Wei. As a mother herself, Dr. Wei is a […]

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Kale Salad with Almonds and Apples Kids Will Love

  This year a friend made for us a kale salad which was so delicious it’s now Claire’s favorite salad! It’s simple and nutritious with awesome crunch. I made some minor modifications and hope you will try this recipe for […]

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We Are Smarter Than Industry Advertisement! Don’t Buy “LIQUID CANDY”!

                  I am so grateful to our Emergency Department Physicians and Nurse Practitioners, who have continued to refer many children that come in to the ED for sudden “croup” attacks as they […]

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Silken Tofu Smoothies & Yogurt

Growing up in Taiwan, tofu, soymilk, and other soy products were a part of my diet as it is in many Asian countries. While one may think it’s the equivalent of western cow milk and dairy products, Asians do not […]

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