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Ham & cheese or PB&J….again? by Nancy Wei, MPH, RD – Guest Blog

If you are in the same boat as many parents in the throes of back to school busyness, figuring out what to send for lunch with your child is just one of many things on your checklist. It can be […]

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Top 7 Choking Hazards (Food Items) In Children

Everyone who has spent any time around an infant, toddler, or preschool-aged child knows that the number one job two little hands have is to pick things up and put items in the mouth. The important events in a child’s […]

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Back to School Health – Part 3 – What’s for Lunch?

Now, what I think is the hardest part of making sure our children are healthy when they go back to school – their nutrition and their lunches! Before Claire started school at age 3, she was loved and well cared […]

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Back to School ENT Health – Part 2

Okay, counting down. Claire has meet and greet this Friday, and first day of school is Aug 15th !  I am always conflicted this time of the year, happy that she will start school and that we’ll get back into […]

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