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Have ice cream now! in the afternoon!

It’s 4pm in Orlando, a gorgeous day, and here is Claire after we all enjoyed a Skinny Cow Salted Carmel Pretzel ice cream bar! Love her chocolate mustache.  I must admit, I went a while without eating ice cream, knowing […]

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Back to School ENT Health – Part 1

I can’t believe school will start in 3 weeks and summer is over! Claire can’t believe it either! As excited as we are for her to start her new school, we are definitely dreading that period of transitioning to a […]

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Does Your Child Have Speech Delay?

I decided to write this blog on a common reason otherwise healthy toddlers are often referred to see a pediatric ENT like myself.  While the title of this blog and the question appear simple, getting a clear answer from health […]

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Breakfast Muffins – Make the Weekday Mornings a Breeze…

I decided to make a variation of “A Healthier Wei” breakfast muffins today after being inspired by Nancy, who always calls me after she makes a new type of muffin using our basic recipe.  She made a “sweet potatoe pistachio” […]

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Does My Child Need His/Her Tonsils/Adenoid Out?

For over 10 years, parents and primary caretakers of children of all ages have come to see me to discuss whether their child needs to have his/her tonsil/adenoid removed. These families are either referred by their friends, neighbors, pediatricians, family […]

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Today I am blessed with media coverage from Fox News Online-Health section,  A freelance writer summarized my philosophy, observations, and key points from my book “A Healthier Wei” in this succinct piece.  As I read the article for the […]

COUGH – The Nemesis for All Children

I feel rather embarrassed and incredibly frustrated to be a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist whose child, spouse, and dog are all currently having ENT issues!. Claire can’t seem to stop coughing the past 2 weeks, Dave has been […]

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Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of “Health”, the Other “H”: An Unalienable Right!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Orlando. I got up at ten after six and took a one-hour walk with the dog, gently embraced by the clear blue skies with a few rare pinkish clouds as the sun climbed lazily […]

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