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How to Make Changes Successfully – Three Steps to A Healthier Child

Today was an emotional day. After making the decision to accept the job offer to become the Division Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology at a children’s hospital back in February, the day has come that all of our belongings (except what is […]

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Does your child have an ear infection? How do you know and what’s the best treatment?

One of the most straightforward diagnosis that I encounter in clinics daily is that of ear infections, yet the topic of ear infections and ear tubes, as well as management of tubes and potential complications can be incredibly confusing if […]

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Does your child have food allergies?

I am really challenging myself as I write on this topic of “food intolerance” and “food allergy”, and comment on the latest trend of “IgG (immunoglobulin G) Food Intolerance Tests”.1  Why write about a subject for which I am definitely […]

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Top Foods and Beverages to Avoid for Children

There is nothing like saying “no” to your child, repeatedly, when he/she pleads for certain items at the grocery store, that makes you feel so conflicted as a parent.  As you feel the confidence of being a parent who may […]

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