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This past week was very challenging. Claire has been ill with fever, runny nose, croupy cough, nasal congestion, headache, and just feeling crummy. I am sure she had a bad cold, but what did not help her was my overscheduled […]

Change, Just A New Routine

Every time I counsel families to make diet and dietary habit changes in their children, we openly discuss their natural skepticism that changing a child’s routine and habit is possible. The immediate assumption and reaction is often one of skepticism, […]

The Power of Conversation

I never thought that my desire to pursue a career in medicine had anything to do with conversations. I wanted to become a doctor for many reasons. If you read A Healthier Wei, you might guess that losing my mother […]

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“A Healthier Wei, Just Not Today…”

My younger sister Nancy spent a week visiting us from Oakland and arrived on Christmas Eve. During this wonderful holiday week, as we enjoyed and indulged in many cookies and an overabundance of sugary treats (some I made, others were […]

Sugar- The Most Powerful Bargaining Tool

As an adult, I am grateful that my ability to access food and the act of eating are not conditional based on my behavior, achievement,  or doing what others want me to do. Yet, it is so easy for us […]

One More Bite

How often have you said this phrase in your kitchen or at a restaurant during a meal with your child? I know that I can probably count in my two hands the number of meals when I did not use […]